Fifteen notes from 2013 by John Maeda

This is the content I created in 2013 as a project to learn how to use Markdown and also to test out Squarespace. Neither the tagging format nor the web-hosting system really stuck to me. So I originally manually moved the content over to a barebones hosting service in my old-man, non-responsive-web style. And most recently have made it modern ... at least by 2015 standards.

2013 Notes

One Bill Moggridge  Two Bruno Munari  Three Earning, Gooding, Making (, Processing)  Four Google  Five Paul Rand  Six Curry Stone  Seven Bill Buxton  Eight Herbert Muschamp  Nine Jeremy Keith  Ten From 2007  Eleven Jane Fulton Suri + R. Michael Hendrix  Twelve Frank Chimero  Thirteen Joel on Software  Fourteen Jono Hey  Fifteen On Strategy

4 Talks on Design

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